Behind The Tee (Target)

In early 2020, we decided to shift our priorities as a brand, in terms of pushing out new products. We wanted a garment-medium that would allow us to experiment the most creatively while at the same time, in a time-efficient manner, also push out pieces that still represents 2ndcoming to the fullest extent. 

Graphic T-shirts was the solution. This seemed like an easy concept with a lot of potential to alter and experiment with, but we also realized that it was a challenge to make a t-shirt synonymous with 2C as a brand, at the same time conveying to our audience that each new t-shirt is in its own way inimitable and deserves a spot in their wardrobe year-round.

Despite the panic and uncertainty sourced from the height of the pandemic in early 2020, the 2C team’s drive to evolve the brand image was not waned. We tried a lot of different ideas that would be consistent with our message of empowering the youth, from our perspective coming from land-locked western Canada, a desert for creatives (what we thought at the time). 

In the beginning of the first lock-down, we worked with imagery from the game of Chess, where we drew up a “knight” chess piece sitting boldly and blown up on the back of a high-neck, oversized t-shirt. This was a satisfying silhouette to see our audience posing in, but we wanted to experiment with more of a vintage-reminiscent wash and a baggier, oversized fit. 

Paying attention to this detail, to how we wanted our t-shirts to sit on our body and decide what aesthetic we wanted to cultivate through a specific t-shirt silhouette, showed how important it was to have your t-shirt sit just right on someone's frame. We scoured through our archives and reminded ourselves of an initial sample we had made for a vintage shooting range inspired graphic, where a cartoon figure is seen shooting at a classic shooting target. The sample was a black vintage-washed oversized t-shirt that was aesthetically striking. This image was consistent with the Old School Americana look of the Chess piece, but a new take with a completely different t-shirt overall.

Sitting on an old design and releasing it a couple of years down the road is a typical 2ndcoming move to make. We create and develop ideas consistently but sometimes they just aren't right for that very moment. It took us some time to think about how we've progressed as a team, as a family. We'd always show up to a meeting and Josue would be rocking the black 'Target' Tee sample, and everyone would always have the same question, "Why isn't this an actual release?".

The design is visually intriguing, and the way the shape sits on the body. Personally, this Target t-shirt is a huge step towards determining what an average 2C supporter would like in their consistent fit rotation. It has a cool vintage look that could be styled in many different ways, from tech-wear, streetwear, archive-fashion, and high-fashion. It's cool to have these imperative processes of sitting on ideas because sometime down the road, we will have gone through experiences that our pieces will speak to, and can help represent down the road.

This shooting graphic in particular is a reference to no matter how turbulent our times have been as a brand, we kept linking up, creating, discussing ideas, constantly brainstorming.

Despite having personal struggles as individuals, whether it be mental health, relationship problems, overall concern about what the hell we're doing with our lives, we could always rely on 2C as an outlet that ultimately acted as a creative therapy. Although having discussions and meetings may seem like empty conversations, they're still major progress and help us move forward regardless.

By keeping our creative minds working, we keep 'shooting our shot' and eventually hit our 'target' whatever that may be.