More Than A T-Shirt

We are unarguably releasing our best capsule yet. How so?

Impeccable Quality: In this release, we tested six t-shirt samples which went through an enzyme wash, in order to find the most perfect fit for your body.

Shrink Resistance: The t-shirt does not shrink. No matter. How. Many. Times. You. Wash it. 

Purpose: The stories behind the graphics are what make it our best capsule yet. Both graphics relate with the “empowerment of Individuals;” a topic that is oftentimes left in the dark, in the street wear community. But it doesn’t have to be that way.

As a brand, we strive to go beyond releasing clothes. Our aim is to inspire any and every person who has goals to reach, dreams to achieve, and a vision to share. Our vision, has been carefully pruned to ensure an accurate reflection is manifested through this capsule.

Irregardless of your identity; whether you are a creative, a community member, or just someone who so happens to love streetwear, you can be sure to experience a heightened feeling of empowerment.

As you literally embody the powerful messages portrayed by the graphics, remember the following: 

Stay prolific in shooting at your personal targets, be persistent, and aim to get better. 

Now lock your target and shoot💫