2ndcoming Company is a concept. Aiming to inspire self-empowerment, we create intention-driven pieces. Our stories are reflected upon our designs to encourage meaning with every piece curated. This approach inspires our audience to feel limitless, and to stop at nothing.

It started with a passion for style and a dream. What began as merely admiring different styles people had, and the various pieces put together by those people triggered and inspired the creation of this brand. The seventy-three dollars left in his bank account were used to fund that dream and fund their first-ever release; the classic baseball caps. The start of 2ndcoming Company. What followed after was years of trial and error, successes and failures, wins and losses and having learnt from it all, here it is now.

Four years later and that unorthodox Canadian streetwear brand is progressing faster than ever before. with features in the creator class, and having their first-ever pop- up shop, the streetwear brand continues to inspire its audience through its artistic channels, to stop at nothing.

We’re ready, are you?  We stop at nothing, neither should you.

“I know now that I’m not just selling clothes. What I put out into the world defines me.”
- Josue